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Easy Setup

Once you open your account you will find that setting up the support staff, departments takes only a few minutes and is very self explanatory.  Our goal is 'No instructions required'


Lifetime data retention

Thats right, we keep everything you input into the system, that is unless you delete it.  This was you have a full background for each customer and full searchability of past resolutions.

Unlimited Support Tickets

Because we do dot delete old tickets, you will always have them for reference

Unlimited Departments

Have a very diverse customer support base, we have you covered. Add a seperate department for each customer group.

Prioritize and Escalate Tickets

Lets face it, some customers problems are simply more important to get resolved quickly.  For this reason you can easily prioritize or escalate tickets to a higher level of support staff.

Unlimited Support Staff

Maybe its just you supporting your customers, or maybe you have hundreds of support staff. Either way, our ticket system is designed for you.


We know you want your logo and company name in front of your customer when you are helping them.  So yes, you full brand your support using your own company name, logo, email etc.


Knowlege Base

Included with your account is a knowlege base system. This is a self service feature which allows your customers and agents to search for solutions to common issues