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The Benefits of Hosted Help Desk Software

Hosted help desk software or as some say, cloud based / SAS (software as a service) systems demonstrate a significant change in how large and small companies deliver software and services to their users.

The cloud has reached almost every business as well as most people in the civilized world. Businesses are using hosted systems such as email, project management, HR, financial, and of course help desk support systems. Individual people use the cloud for non-business purposes also; many people use hosted email, social media, and the smart phone is very cloud based. As you can see hosted solutions such as our support desk system, are becoming more popular and trustworthy as time goes on.

  • Automatic Updates – new features or bug fixes simply happen
  • Remotely Hosted — no “messy” software installations
  • Robust Infrastructure – cloud servers are super powerful and redundant
  • Affordability – as a rule, cloud based system cost less than installed software
  • Scalability – this is a built in feature of cloud based software

Would a cloud-based help desk package help your company support its users or clients better? We believe that the answer is yes, but don’t take our work for it. Go ahead and take it for a test drive today. Our demo account is quick to setup, free and most importantly we won’t bug you if you decide not to use our help desk system.