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The Story of Jack and Jannie, a Help Desk Success Story

Jannie is a art teacher, she teaches 1st thru 4th grade art. She is is very passionate about teaching the kids how to use computers and technology to create art. In a very unusual scenario Jannie has convinced the school board that she needs 30 computers in her art room, one for each student.

After about a month the problems start surfacing, when you have 30 kids pecking away at 30 computers issues are bound to happen. But along comes Jack, the IT support agent who is assigned to the kids 30 computers. Now Jack is a top notch support technician, he has a very instinctive way about computers, with over 10 years of troubleshooting he is well equipped to support Jannies Computers.

Jannie typically emails Jack when she has a support need, Jack is pretty good at managing his inbox, but with Jannies 30 computers and about 100 other systems which he supports, his inbox is out of control. He tries using everything from a task system to a yellow notepad to manage the support requests, to no avail. Jannie is starting to get aggravated with Jack, he seems so disorganized. She has never even heard the term help desk, or support ticket in her life, but she soon will.

The Realization That A Help Desk Solution Is Needed

Jack realizes that he must institute a support ticketing system, or a help desk as it is commonly referred to. There are just too many emails flying around, he thinks a problem is fixed, but its not, A properly structured ticket system must be put into place. He opens his web browser and starts searching for a solution.

After about 15 minutes of searching google and looking at possible solutions, he finds Opening the demo account only takes about 1 minute, he is also happy that it is a no obligation service and that the trial is 100% free. Jack then sets a few general settings in the help desk and is not ready to receive support tickets from his users, he thinks about Jannie and knows she will love this!

A quick email to Jannie(and about 100 other users)gives her the link to Jacks new help desk portal, she bookmarks the link and adds it to her desktop. In the support portal she can find answers to common questions and search the knowledge base, this is called serf service as an agent is not required to answer a question. If she can't find her answer there, she has two other options, live chat or to submit a support ticket.

Jack Receives His First Support Ticket!

An email arrives in Janies inbox from Jack, she is not sure what it could be as she hasn't asked for help or support today. Its something new, she is so excited that she has to try it. Jannie spends the next hour just looking for a question to ask, finally she finds one; the ‘j’ key on her keyboard has been sticky lately. A click on the shortcut opens the help desk system, she sees the ‘chat’ button and knows Jack will be on the other end. But she chooses to create a support ticket instead. It takes about 30 seconds to describe her problem and she submits the ticket. An email is immediately sent to Jack and his ticket window makes a tone. He has his first support ticket from the help desk!

Jack opens the ticket, sends Jannie a message that we will be out later today to replace the keyboard. He makes a few notes in the support ticket page and rounds up a replacement keyboard. About an hour later he arrives at Janies room and replaces that old keyboard with a brand new one, Jannie is so happy. Jack marks the support ticket as closed and the process is complete, everybody is happy with the new help desk support system.