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Included in every TicketDesk account if your very own knowledge base system

What is a knowledge base?

Basically it is a place for you to store solutions to common issues, these solutions are called articles. The article contains information such as the topic, scope, tags for searching and most importantly the resolution to the issue. As knowledge base is similar to a FAQ(frequently asked questions) but much more organized and interactive. The knowledge base can be browsed based on topics, or searched using keywords within the article.

Who uses my knowledge base?

Our knowledge base is intended to service both your agents and your customers. When you are creating your articles you have the option to make the solution public or private, when marked public your customers will be able to browse and search your knowledge base, finding the solution without opening a support ticket.

It it easy to use?

As you may have already know, our philosophy is ‘no instructions required’. So yes it is simple and intuitive for your agents to add articles to your knowledge base and for your customers to search it.. Let say that one your your agents notices that a question is being asked frequently, The agent will simply click ‘Create New Article’ in the knowledge base portal, fill in a topic, add a few tags such as ‘lost password’, enter the procedure to retrieve the password, then click save. The article is now available for your customers to use.