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3 Ways To Motivate Your Help Desk Support Agents


1) Create an awesome atmosphere

A large chunk of your help desk agents day is spent in their office or cubicle, why not stimulate their visual and audible senses a bit? The goal here is to make both their personal and shared space appealing.

  • Use empty wall space - put up some artwork, company bulletins or motivational posters
  • Give them space - Your help desk agents need a little room to stretch out from time to time.
  • Turn down the brightness on monitors - most are set to 100% brightness, staring at this all day will make your agents want to look away. A setting to 40 - 50% is much better.
  • Stock the fridge - The success of your help desk system depends on your employees being hydrated and energized. Supply them with lots of bottled water and high energy snacks such as fruit and grains.
  • Pizza day - Junk food is ok once in a while, and who doesent like pizza right? Don't be cheap, buy the entire office lunch at least once a month. This is a small investment which will yield a great return, trust me!

2) Know when to reward and discipline

Remember that support agents are people, each with their own distinct circumstances and emotions.

  • Reward Publicly - When an employee has made a great accomplishment or met a goal, praise her in a non-formal meeting such as a company lunch or after a company meeting.
  • Discipline Privately - No one likes to hear that they are not meeting expectations, especially in front of their co-workers. Bring the employee into a private meeting behind closed doors when you must tell them the bad news.

3) Unite your support desk team

Your help desk support team includes the business owner(s), managers and help desk agents. Yes, you see a hierarchy here which is required to run a business but it can also be divisive. Your team is comprised of people who all have the same worth and should be treated as equals.

  • Hold Company Parties - This is a great way to get the employees together in a more social setting. Choose generic occasions such as holidays or company anniversaries, avoid personal occasions such as birthdays.
  • Raffles - Stop by your local office store and buy some raffle tickets, give one to each employee and award a prize every friday. If you want to create a competitive atmosphere give extra tickets based on agent performance, just dont over do it.
  • Casual Day - everybody loves casual day, even the “higher ups”. So institut Friday and casual day for everyone. The suit and tie types will especially appreciate it, those suits are expensive to clean. If you're worried about visiting customers reaction, ask your customer support staff to keep it “casual professional”, meaning collared shirts for men, the women will not need any instruction.